Running before the rain

Running before the rain
Running before the rain

5 thoughts on “Running before the rain

  1. Wow – we’ve got rain here today (well, for the past few weeks), and all we get is grey and gloom, not that glorious deep blue beneath a tumble of cloud. Very nicely captured.


      • Although rain can be a personal inconvenience, I’m always grateful for it – we get so little down here in South Australia (“driest state in the driest continent” was one slogan of a save water campaign years ago).


      • Alison, amazing, we live in the 2 complete opposites – I have all the rain there is and more and you live in the dries state. Honestly, I wish I could sent some of our rain to you πŸ™‚
        have a great day


      • Thanks for your offer of rain, Annie. πŸ™‚ At least it’s nice to know that someone somewhere gets enough.


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