Keeping warm in bad weather

The only way not to be afraid while the storm is raging outside is the keep close and hug each other!!

Hugging for comfort
Hugging for comfort

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  1. smackedpentax says:

    Who says animals don’t have souls?…Superb photo Annie


    1. They are much better and much clever than we give them credit!!


    1. Thanks Ruzun, they are such a great bunch!!


  2. londonlulu says:

    Your boxers are absolutely precious! Love how they are comforting each other. Wonderful image to start holiday break. A very happy one to you and yours!


    1. thank you very much!! The same to you too!
      Happy holidays and good weather (here is absolutely dreadful!!)


  3. Aw, aw, triple aw! So sweet. Margie


    1. yes they are, they make my days brighter!! thanks for the comments Margie


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