Bad weather photography

We are having some horrendous weather here in Ireland.

This time I am not walking and shooting.  These images were taken from the car.

Please note,  I wasn’t driving, so don’t try to combine the two actions!


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  1. Love the deep blue color here and the abstraction of the trees-


    1. this is what I love the most, and it is all as it comes most of it, just a bit of cropping here and there because of the movement of the car.
      But it is not as easy as it looks, you need the right conditions and light to do it! It take s quite a bit of trial and error and deletions of lots of files….


  2. smackedpentax says:

    you certainly get a sense of the wind and bad weather in these Annie, love the blues. Stay safe and warm (& dry)…and if you go out I want to see the pics 🙂


    1. Ha, I did go out but, I did not take the camera with me, the dogs had to go out every day no matter the weather, but I couldn’t risk my cameras it was too unpredictable and windy otherwise in “normal” (I can’t believe I am saying this) bad weather I do have the camera with me most of the time because I love how nature looks in those conditions. I hope you had good holidays James!!


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