Peaceful sunrise after the long storm

You all know how bad the weather was in Ireland for the last 3 weeks.

It turns out that in our little village it was worst than anywhere around. Probably because we are situated right under the mountains. The wind is the angriest and the rains is the strongest!

Anyway, after 3 weeks of constant wicked storms woke up to a peaceful morning, so quiet and so calm it felt almost unreal. But it was so beautiful!!!

Waking After the storm
Waking After the storm
Hanging peacefully
Hanging peacefully

16 thoughts on “Peaceful sunrise after the long storm

  1. Beautiful photos!
    Would really love to visit Ireland some day I can just imagine how beautiful it is there, and every time I hear,the name,Ireland,it reminds me of the old song,Danny Boy,
    I love that song!
    You take care there
    Have a wonderful day!
    Thanks for letting me visit!


      1. You are very welcome! I will sure keep that in mind! Lol
        But kinda doutfil if I will ever make it to Ireland,but will probably,be a frequent visitor to your blog,hope it’s ok!
        Love your photos, and writings! 🙂
        Have a safe day there!


    1. well, I have to say that it turned out there were only 3 mornings of peace. We are back to bad weather now.

      Yesterday and today I am going out in full gear – wellies and protective wind and waterproof gear on top of everything else. Great fun!! … well not always….


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