Another wet day

What else is there to say…it keeps raining all the time….

Another wet day
Another wet day


16 thoughts on “Another wet day

  1. Beautiful photo!
    And I kinda know what you mean! Lol
    All it wants to do here now,is snow
    And I am so ready,for warm and sunny weather!
    Hopefully, we wwill borh have pretty weather soon. πŸ™‚
    Have a great one there!


    • Every morning I wake up and there is clouds all over the horizon… We are in a very peculiar spot here where the clouds and the winds gather and to top it up, the rain too!!!! But I do hope there will be sun some day πŸ™‚


  2. Just popping in quickly again to say thanks for the link to the Man’s Best Friend post (blogger wouldn’t let me leave a comment there), what a sweetheart your Patch is! Yes, those eyes say it all – the best photo companion…and I see Patch makes a great guard dog too:)


    • thank you, he is my BIG LOVE in every meaning possible. A year ago we rescued another boxer and now we have a team of characters that provide us with constant entertainment!!!

      PS. those comments on blogger are a real pain!!

      thank you again for the kind words


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