Walking into the Light

Sometimes, it so happens that I literally walk into the Light…

an image of ferns with a beautiful bokeh at the background
Fern bokeh
image of a bright light and ferns with bokeh at the background
Walking into the light

12 thoughts on “Walking into the Light

      1. Yes it’s my workhorse. I like the difference in it’s use. I use mine at f9. I am in depth of field mode. I’ll have to give it a whirl opened right up. If you have the money Canons TS-E 24mm 1.35 Mark II is better than the Zeis equivalent. I rarely use the tilt/ shift but love the lens. It is the best Canon have produced.


      2. yes, I am hoping for this one one day!!!

        I use the 50mm quite a bit at f9 and f11 when I do landscapes(I just have’t had the opportunity for landscapes much lately with all this horrid weather we were having!!), I love the precision and crispness of this lens, prime lenses are always so much better!!

        anyway thanks for your visit, I see you cover a lot of ground and visit some gorgeous places!! wonderful work Adrian!


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