Connemara landscapes

A few images from Bunnagippaun, Co Galway, Ireland. You can see Lough Corrib and Oughterard down there and behind you would be the glorious mountains of Connemara.

Connemara landscape - mountains, lakes, rusty coloured grass
The view towards the Lough Corrib and Oughterard from Bunnagippaun, Co, Galway
Blue lakes and golden grasses image
Gold and blue
2011-11-09 eos (116) © Annie Japaud 2014
Connemara – view towards the mountains

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  1. adrianwrd says:

    I like the last image but find the first two with the focus on the foreground a bit hard on the eye.


    1. thanks Adrian for speaking your mind openly!!

      I just love focusing on something, and leaving a lot to the imagination!! it is not everyone’s cup of tea!!


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