Lost in the magic of bad weather

Yes, it is raining here again, there is a storm raging outside. Again.

This winter season has been plentiful with bad weather, mixed with the occasional patch of ragged sunshine and golden grass, followed by the very rare glimpses of blues sky and multicolored rainbows.

Lost in the magic of rain
Lost in the magic of rain
In the twilight
Hanging between the storms


  1. Lovely photos Annie – I especially like the second one. Even though it is chucking it down you manage to brave the elements and get some excellent shots ๐Ÿ™‚ That is what photography is about in my opinion.


    1. I am all bout bad weather photography as much as I complain about it ;-)!!
      bad weather in my opinion makes great shots since the conditions are so unique – great (or very difficult) light and bold colours and so on…. anyway, I love bad weather photography!!! thanks for the visit James


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