Tender Loving Care

This is TyCy. We rescued him about a year an a half ago.

He was starved – only skin ans bones, dehydrated – for the fist week or so he drank water any chance he had and he was so dirty, I had to scrub him twice just to make him look and smell decent.

There was so much fear in his eyes, he had no idea what was happening and where we were taking him!

It took him a year to relax and stop jumping at sudden movements and sounds. Now, his coat is soft and glossy, his ribs are hidden somewhere under a nice layer of something soft and cuddly, he likes to cuddle with me on the sofa, he even stretches on his back with his paws in the air!!!

Nothing like a bit of Tender Loving Care to change the life a little scared creature that can bring so much love and devotion to our lives.


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  1. adrianwrd says:

    Really well done. Can he go to the pub and the shops now?


    1. actually he is really good in the car, and he guards the shopping together with his buddy Patch. He just sits there next to the food for hours without touching it!! Fabulous boy, he turned out to be!!


  2. londonlulu says:

    What a sweetheart! And what beautiful pictures. TLC cures many ills… (We have a rescue dog too and I adore hearing other rescue stories:)


    1. We have plenty to say about him. He is such a wonderful dog, to think that he was so mistreated, he certainly did not deserve it! and he tries all the time so hard to prove that he is good!!! this fact simply melts my heart away!!


  3. Aw, aw, triple aw. A win win for both of you! Margie


    1. thanks Margie, he is a fine dog!!


  4. Wonderful story, gorgeous dog!


    1. Thank you for the visit, he is indeed a fabulous creature!! We love him very much


  5. What a sweet face! How wonderful that you took care of him and nursed him back to life. I am sure he will be the best pet ever because he knows you saved him.


    1. He is so totally devoted it is heart melting!! He follows me everywhere and he doesn’t want to leave the house unless I am coming too! It is really obvious that he is constantly trying to show how good he is, constantly trying to prove that he is good and that he hasn’t done anything wrong, which kills me because it shows that he has been needlessly punished before. So sad. But well, he has found his home now!!


  6. What a handsome fellow-those eyes look like they have seen a lot-how wonderful it is that he found you!


    1. yes, I think he has truly seen a lot!! I am happy that we are together now. thanks for vising 😉


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    1. thank you very much for you visit


      1. alexrawfootage says:

        Any time 🙂


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