Bursting with envy

Bursting with envy

Yesterday for a first time in years we had real snow falling!!

I was stuck indoors unable to get out, my fingers painfully twitching for the camera…..bursting with envy, thinking of all the people taking gorgeous photos of Ireland covered in temporary snow….

Let’s hope there will be some more over the weekend…


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  1. Adrian Ward says:

    Let us hope you get some more today.


    1. thanks Adrian, I think there is some drumming down the window right now!! it sounds more like hail and it is still dark to see but I hope later I get lucky!! I am off today so I will be away with the camera in a jiffy!!


  2. smackedpentax says:

    Beautiful image Annie…I know exactly how you feel…I am stuck in a office in Leeds looking out to a bit of sunshine or a snow flurry – yet come the weekend and I am free…it rains šŸ˜¦


    1. Drat!!! how disappointing isn’t, it?!!!!

      thanks James


  3. londonlulu says:

    You caught these berries(?) beautifully though – hope you get that weekend freedom, and snow!, to take all the pictures you want!


    1. thank you, I do hope so and some snow too!!!!!


  4. beautiful colors and bokeh! I see the snow in the background.


    1. OH, you are such a teaser!!! šŸ˜‰


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