In the shadows

In the shadows


I hint of spring


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  1. adrward says:

    It’s grand and even managed to cast a shadow. Unless that was a strobe hidden away behind or above. Winter will soon be over then we will have warm rain.


    1. Haha, I don’t have the energy to lug around a strobe, but I can not wait for winter to go away this year, it is still so very cold in the morning, today there is frost again on the grass…..


  2. londonlulu says:

    Just a hint is all it takes, so delicate and pretty. I can’t wait for spring here!


    1. That is so very true!! Me too, I can not wait for the lingering cold to melt away. The winter seems to be still hanging around….


  3. A beautiful hint! We just have ugly melting snow! hehe. i hope to see bare earth real soon.


    1. Me I am waiting for the sun to appear from between the clouds 😉


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