Angry at Christmas 😣🎄

​It has been a while since I was here for the simplest or rather very complicated reason of my severed telephone cable. It happened at the end of September and sadly I am still waiting for Eir to come by and repair it. You should think that 3 no 4 months are more than plenty for those guys to organise themselves and get some work done so people can talk to their relatives abroad on Christmas 😩

Unfortunately, Eir people don’t feel so generous to their customers. 

So I have been suffering in silence for 4 months together with my family, including 2 teenagers (can you imagine 2 teenagers without internet at home all this time?!?!)

So, thankfully, we all have mobile phones and can still connect to the world this way. But for me nothing beats a good work out on the computer. 

So  Eir people, please get your stuff together and give us our internet back, we have been paying for it for the last 4 months without getting any, I say that is a bit of a rip off 😣

Oh yah, Merry Christmas to you too

🎄🎁   Eir   🎄🎁  


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