Last of Autumn

You can’t really feel the autumn anymore while walking the forest or the bog lands of Connemara.
Although, the other day, when the sun hit the trees just right and the light was glowing in the last of the leaves, I felt that magical moment as if autumn was saying good bye…

Until next year

a man walking the dogs in the autumn foresta few golden leaves left on the treesone golden tree among othersblue sky and a lake in the foresta lake in the forestblue sky reflecting in a lakelast of autumn (1)


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  1. Ashley says:

    All of these pictures are wonderful but I particularly love those shots looking along the path with the trees reaching up to the light (they remind me of a fabulous print by Hasui).
    Here in the north, we’ve had our first hard frosts; car window-scraping this morning!

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    1. thank you for the fabulous comparison, by the way we did scrape the car windows as well this morning for a first time this morning!! 😉

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      1. Ashley says:

        I meant to add that the colours are fabulous

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      2. you are very kind, have a great day/night


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Splendid photos, Annie.


  3. Anne Butler says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos. They are like paintings. I do watercolours and it reminded me of a landscape painting.
    Can you tell me specifically where that forest was where you were walking your dogs? My husband and I are retiring to Derrymoyle, Outhterard near Lough Corrib, and we have two dogs too. Can you tell me where there are good walks near oughterard where I can let my border collie off leash? I know there is New Village Forest. Is that a nice walk?
    I really loved your photos and I am glad to have found your blog.


    1. Newvillage forest is where we walk our dogs as well, it is a great place and quite popular. Can get pretty crowded sometimes. Another popular route is on the Pier road going off into the bogs, The Old Bog Road. Very nice area as well. Perfect for a with dogs. let me think about other places and will get back to you. 🐕👍😉


      1. Anne Butler says:

        I wold appreciate your help. One of our dogs, Molly is a border collie, who was abused before we rescued her. She loves to be off leash, but is afraid of people. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you so much!


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