About Me

HI, My name is Annie. 

I have been taking photographs since I can remember.

Probably because it all started very early.. 

I grew up in my mum’s dark room (she was a photo journalist in the local newspaper), and chew on film wrappers when I was a baby. I got my first camera in primary school (my mum’s old camera obviously) and never stopped taking photos since then. 

I love being outdoors, I love hiking and walking, and since I love taking photos most of all, everything fits together perfectly…   

 I have 3 other photo blogs on different themes. Feel free to explore 

http://vratsagrl.blogspot.ie/    Images at random. Reflections of the soul. Imagination gone wild. Walking with a camera in hand.

http://postcardsfromireland.blogspot.ie/    Discover the secrets of the Irish countryside. Welcome to the heart of Connemara. 

http://thinkingofcakesandbread.blogspot.ie/   Here I post my Food photography (I make my living as a baker and a pastry chef)

http://anjimagegallery.blogspot.ie/  Landscapes from the heart of Connemara, Galway, Ireland


If you are interested in any of my images, Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope we get in touch.   

Best Wishes




 Annie Japaud Photography


46 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the like on my post on Prague. I love your photos – absolutely stunning. We bought a new camera for the trip and I have not had time to read the instructions. For example, I haven’t found the depth of field option yet. Still – point, frame and shoot is doing ok as a record of our travel for the moment. Best regards Garrulous Gwendoline The Reluctant Retiree


  2. You have a superb blog – glad I discovered it! We seem to have the same interests – walking on the moors and photography (& webdesign – although I am trying not do do too much of this anymore). Your photos are exceptional and you have the skills to bring your landscapes to life.


  3. WOW! I have just been looking at your website – your photographs are so inspirational Annie. I know exactly what you are seeing and you know exactly how to bring the soul of the landscape to life.


      1. It is so nice finding someone who has the same interests and ‘eyes’ as oneself…and Connemara looks so beautiful. We are both lucky living in a beautiful part of the world. Maybe one day I’ll visit the West Coast of Ireland (it is on my ‘wish list’)…it looks so amazing.


  4. Hi Annie! Thanks for visiting the Canary’s little blog, particularly as this is how I have discovered yours. You are one fantastic photographer! I am looking forward to going through your blog(s) and to your future posts. Have a lovely evening!


  5. Oh Annie ! I am so glad you found my blog as it allowed me to find you. I love your “About”, and am off to explore your world. My husband and I visited Ireland many years ago. I was not one with my camera as I am now…drat! But that’s okay, I will revisit Ireland through your eyes. Cheers! Margie


    1. thank you Margie for the nice words.
      Relationships with cameras change over the years, mine is getting more and more intense all the time!! but my eyes change too, I have become more picky and as my daughter puts it “why does everything has to be perfect?!” I guess I have become more demanding of my photography. I am glad you like my images.
      thank you for joining the fun!


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