Bad weather photography

We are having some horrendous weather here in Ireland. This time I am not walking and shooting.  These images were taken from the car. Please note,  I wasn’t driving, so don’t try to combine the two actions!

Keyboard troubles

A horrible thing happened to me the other day – I spilled coffee on my keyboard. It certainly put a halt to my work for a while. I had a back up, an old forgotten keyboard which turned up that it did not work because it was too damp. So I had to dry it for…

Autumn poem

I have something crazy and wild for you today, a bit out control, food for the imagination. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love this type of photography and I do a lot of it. Enjoy the beauty of nature at low light, low speed and in motion.

Walk into Autumn

I have this weakness for motion photography, I find it absolutely fascinating and inspiring. It must be the fact that there is so much left to the imagination….. Enjoy my gallery!!