Christmas on the go

When life throws you around like an angry ocean and you are so busy that you have no time to take decent nature photos all you have to do is shoot on the go.

If I can’t take the camera out, I just do it from the car (don’t worry I wasn’t driving) but I simply have to take some photos to keep my soul at peace and I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS photos taken in the rain on road from Galway city to Oughterard

blur, night image
The Church in Oughterard with Christmas lights
christmas lights bokeh
Christmas lights bokeh, Oughterard
hotel and Christmas lights
The square, Oughterard with Lake hotel
the square, oughterard
The square, Oughterard with Lake hotel
blur of christmas lights
Enjoy from White Gables on the go
night photo, lights
White Gables at Christmas time
night light, Galway city
Night lights in Galway city

Angry at Christmas 😣🎄

​It has been a while since I was here for the simplest or rather very complicated reason of my severed telephone cable. It happened at the end of September and sadly I am still waiting for Eir to come by and repair it. You should think that 3 no 4 months are more than plenty for those guys to organise themselves and get some work done so people can talk to their relatives abroad on Christmas 😩

Unfortunately, Eir people don’t feel so generous to their customers. 

So I have been suffering in silence for 4 months together with my family, including 2 teenagers (can you imagine 2 teenagers without internet at home all this time?!?!)

So, thankfully, we all have mobile phones and can still connect to the world this way. But for me nothing beats a good work out on the computer. 

So  Eir people, please get your stuff together and give us our internet back, we have been paying for it for the last 4 months without getting any, I say that is a bit of a rip off 😣

Oh yah, Merry Christmas to you too

🎄🎁   Eir   🎄🎁  

Feeling Christmasy

I know there is nothing better to make you feel like Christmas than a few Christmas cake images. Thinking of good food and family is what it’s all about after all

christmas cakes © Annie Japaud Photography (3)
Tinted in red, Christmas cake made and photographed by © Annie Japaud Photography
christmas cakes © Annie Japaud Photography
Beautiful Christmas cake in blue
Christmas cake made and photographed by © Annie Japaud Photography
Christmas cake detail
Christmas cakes in blue
Snowflakes on Christmas cake

Christmas cakes made and photographed by © Annie Japaud Photography