There are times when I simply can not resist

If I ever pass by some daisies I simply can not resist to stop and take some photos. Daisies are my weakness. For me they are the essence of summer. Once they start popping up among the green that’s it the first sign of real summer is here. And once they burn out and disappear…the…

A new Start

A New Start – images by Annie Japaud – nature walker, photographer, blogger, baker and cake maker

Last of Autumn

Last of autumn…until next year of course …images from Connemara by Annie Japaud Photography

Hurricane Ophelia has arrived

Today was a strange day. I had to admit that was my first Red Weather Alert on national level. So far, we got away with the worst of it I think. It is dark outside, the wind is howling and the rain is rattling on the roof but I believe here in Galway we got…

Photographer’s worst nightmare

Do you know what is photographer’s worst nightmare? Well, not being able to take photographs of course. Today the weather was really bad and stormy when I went out to walk the dogs and I decided to leave my camera and even my phone at home. Bad, bad decision. I regretted it all the time…

Anniversary post

Apparently it’s been 3 years since I started my WordPress blog, so we have ourselves a little anniversary here on WordPress and they keep score(I got a message :roll:)!!!  So to celebrate, here is a little something from Fairybridge cottage 🌸🐹🏡 Happy Anniversary to me!! 🌸😍😝:)

NeverNever alone 

No matter what I do I aways have two constant shadows behind me or some times I chase after them 🐕:)😍 My boxer dogs are my constant companions and don’t you forget the cats as well!!

Hiding in the summer grass

There is nothing more magical than heather hiding in the summer grass in the wild wind-blown hills of Connemara © Annie Japaud Photography