Waiting for Ophelia

There is a Red Weather warning here in Ireland today.

What better thing to do than work on my photos while waiting for the weather to go mad outside. For now it is pretty mild, the wind is a bit random and comes from all directions but otherwise nothing else is going on. Believe me, I am not complaining.

We went out to walk the dogs in the forest and just came back. At least this is done for the day. Now we can just wait it out!!

I selected a few images for you today, since Halloween is coming here is something with cobwebs and feeling spooky…


Missing Patch

Recently I lost the first dog I ever had to cancer and I simply can not get over it. His name was Patch. We have two more boxers, one we rescued when Patch was 5 and the 3rd one, the puppy arrived two months after his passing. We know the puppy can not replace him and goodness me he is nothing like Patch but we just had to have two boxers in the house, the place felt so horribly empty.

I realise now why I miss him so much. Why I can not stop feeling his absence. He was like my shadow, he was always with me, following me, waiting for me no matter what I was doing. 

Boxerdog, garden

He was like a part of me I didn’t know I had until it was missing.

He was my walking buddy from the start. Together we walked Connemara all over and I took thousands of photos over the years. My favourite memory I lovingly think about is that always since he was a pup whenever I took photos and he was on the lead, he would stand very still until I was finished (so my images are not blurry), I only had to ask him. He was such a star. My other two boxers never took up that habit, they don’t have the patience I believe, especially the pup.

Boxers, dogs, walking, nature

Patch was a rare jem in many ways, he was the perfect dog.
Missing Patch will never fade away. A part of me is gone forever with him. 

Boxer, dog, sleeping

You might think me silly feeling so strongly for a dog  but if you never had one you have no idea how much love and affection they can give, how much they can fill up your life and the saddest part is you wouldn’t realise it untill they are gone.

Boxerdog in the grass


Tender Loving Care

This is TyCy. We rescued him about a year an a half ago.

He was starved – only skin ans bones, dehydrated – for the fist week or so he drank water any chance he had and he was so dirty, I had to scrub him twice just to make him look and smell decent.

There was so much fear in his eyes, he had no idea what was happening and where we were taking him!

It took him a year to relax and stop jumping at sudden movements and sounds. Now, his coat is soft and glossy, his ribs are hidden somewhere under a nice layer of something soft and cuddly, he likes to cuddle with me on the sofa, he even stretches on his back with his paws in the air!!!

Nothing like a bit of Tender Loving Care to change the life a little scared creature that can bring so much love and devotion to our lives.