Bursting with envy

Yesterday for a first time in years we had real snow falling!! I was stuck indoors unable to get out, my fingers painfully twitching for the camera…..bursting with envy, thinking of all the people taking gorgeous photos of Ireland covered in temporary snow…. Let’s hope there will be some more over the weekend…

Lost in the magic of bad weather

Yes, it is raining here again, there is a storm raging outside. Again. This winter season has been plentiful with bad weather, mixed with the occasional patch of ragged sunshine and golden grass, followed by the very rare glimpses of blues sky and multicolored rainbows.

Another wet day

What else is there to say…it keeps raining all the time….

Peaceful sunrise after the long storm

You all know how bad the weather was in Ireland for the last 3 weeks. It turns out that in our little village it was worst than anywhere around. Probably because we are situated right under the mountains. The wind is the angriest and the rains is the strongest! Anyway, after 3 weeks of constant…

The Blue Hour. Photography before breakfast.

This is what happens when walking in the early hours of a winter’s day and practising photography before breakfast. I walked into the blue hour. It is definitely my most favourite time of the day!!

Secret mornings

I love special mornings light like that. My finger itches to press that trigger and my camera can not be satisfied until the card is full. I think most of you know what I mean…