Last of Autumn

Last of autumn…until next year of course …images from Connemara by Annie Japaud Photography

Garden stories

Photo stories from Fairybridge garden by © Annie Japaud Photography

Secret mornings

I love special mornings light like that. My finger itches to press that trigger and my camera can not be satisfied until the card is full. I think most of you know what I mean…

On fire

There is nothing else to say.

Season changes

I decided it is time to reveal how Connemara has changed over the last few weeks since the weather turned for the worst.  I have some more images HERE  

Connemara gold

The incoming cold season has settled in nicely and the colours in nature have changed. The hills and mountains of Connemara look completely different, the feeling of walking among the golden grasses is amazing. It feels like bathing in a golden glow.

Birches in autumn

Birches in autumn have the most amazing attire, I just love those golden colours. Even in the darkest of days when it’s drizzling and cold if you look up at those patches of light and warmth, you can feel lighter at heart. Enjoy the golden warmth. thank you for the visit!

Golden moment

Isn’t is amazing when your eyes fall upon something so beautiful while passing by?