Grab the moment

Usually, as far as photography is concerned it really matters to be at the right place at the right time. That is if you want to grab that special moment, that is… Sometimes you don’t even know it’s coming.. And it catches you completely off guard, so you miss it completely or if you are…

The Hidden Lake

There is this fantastic place tucked deep into Newvillage Woods. We call it THE HIDDEN LAKE because if you don’t know it is there it just pops out of nowhere between the trees. It is the most amazing site. Only 1 hour and a 1/2 walk from Oughterard if you feel like walking one gorgeous day. I am…

That summer feeling

Images by © Annie Japaud Photography, walking the wild roads of Connemara in the heat of the summer

The View

Climbing Mt Diamond, Connemara National Park

From the top

the view is the best!! Climbing Mt Diamond, Connemara National Park


Feeling cold and frosty

Connemara gold

The incoming cold season has settled in nicely and the colours in nature have changed. The hills and mountains of Connemara look completely different, the feeling of walking among the golden grasses is amazing. It feels like bathing in a golden glow.