That summer feeling

Just have a look what you are missing if you don’t wake up early one day and hit the countryside!!

summer landscape from Connemara

Ireland is amazing at this time of the year. The lush green is outstanding, no wonder everyone is raving about the Irish Green. 

Once you have a look at my latest shots you will see why


And then there is the light of the early morning, there is nothing more amazing thasn that!! Taking photos at this time of the day is my most favourite occupation in the world

thanks for being here with me!!!

summer grasses

Connemara gold

The incoming cold season has settled in nicely and the colours in nature have changed. The hills and mountains of Connemara look completely different, the feeling of walking among the golden grasses is amazing. It feels like bathing in a golden glow.

Looking towards  Lough Corrib
Looking towards Lough Corrib
Golden grass
Golden grass