Every glimpse of Summer

The summer is here and I have to admit I do love this season. With every step I take on the winding country roads I wish it will never end. This is why I never go out without my camera these days even if I end up with too many images to convert… I want to…

On the Edge

Sometimes it is fun to be on the edge….

Frosted over

I found this car the other day all frosted over… Happy New Year Everyone!!

Keyboard troubles

A horrible thing happened to me the other day – I spilled coffee on my keyboard. It certainly put a halt to my work for a while. I had a back up, an old forgotten keyboard which turned up that it did not work because it was too damp. So I had to dry it for…

Stuck together

I hope you won’t get discouraged of all the changes I keep making to this blog all the time. I am still experimenting, I am new to WordPress, Please, bare with me a little longer. Here is  a lovely mushroom for you to look at while I fiddle with everything else!! 🙂  you can find…