Christmas on the go

When life throws you around like an angry ocean and you are so busy that you have no time to take decent nature photos all you have to do is shoot on the go. If I can’t take the camera out, I just do it from the car (don’t worry I wasn’t driving) but I…

Hurricane Ophelia has arrived

Today was a strange day. I had to admit that was my first Red Weather Alert on national level. So far, we got away with the worst of it I think. It is dark outside, the wind is howling and the rain is rattling on the roof but I believe here in Galway we got…

Photographer’s worst nightmare

Do you know what is photographer’s worst nightmare? Well, not being able to take photographs of course. Today the weather was really bad and stormy when I went out to walk the dogs and I decided to leave my camera and even my phone at home. Bad, bad decision. I regretted it all the time…

Garden stories

Photo stories from Fairybridge garden by © Annie Japaud Photography

Walking Connemara

This is me, walking and taking photos as usual. Only the background changes Thanks for walking with me 😉 Source: Walking Connemara

Snowy morning

This is one of my favourite snowy images from Oughterard.  It was taken on Christmas  day a few years back.

The golden hour

I am always chasing the golden hour. But can you blame me?!

Moody weather

It is this time of the year when the weather is becoming very moody and temperamental. But  creating such pretty conditions for the dedicated photographer ready to brace the elements